Dog smell in car

Advice on getting rid of dog smell from your car

Dog smells can dominate a car, so consider having it valeted to remove the odour.

Many of us love dogs and like them to travel with us wherever we go. Others might not have a dog but may have bought a car from a previous owner who did. In either situation, the vehicle can end up smelling of dog – an aroma that is not that pleasant to the human nose.

Traditional odour removal techniques

There are numerous reasons why dogs smell as they do – it relates to the smell of their sweat and the oils they produce to protect their fur and skin – and while you can’t stop dogs smelling the way they do, there are a number of ways of removing their fragrance from your ride. Traditional tips include placing a small bowl of baking soda in the car overnight to absorb the smells or mixing white vinegar with water in equal parts and spraying it in the car, to eradicate odours. However, these approaches have been discredited and will only have a limited success.

Treat your car to a valet

Vacuuming the car thoroughly and washing removable furnishings, such as car seats and head rests, could help get rid of nasty whiffs, as could scrubbing down surfaces including the car’s interior ceiling with a multi-surface cleaner. But if you want to give your car a thorough clean through then you may consider Balgores’ car valeting service, which we offer from many of our service centres throughout Essex and Suffolk.

Both public and trade customers can opt for either a simple wash and a vacuum or go for a full car valet which takes in a clean of the car’s trim, windows, wheels and tyres, as well as the interior including dash, boot and under the seats. The end result will be a sparkling car and one that is free of unwelcome pet smells.


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