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What happens when you put bigger wheels on your car?

We have seen a trend towards car owners opting to put larger wheels and tyres on their vehicles.

Visually they look great, but what are the factors to bear in mind when thinking about ‘plus-sizing’?

We scoured the internet for some answers to how ‘going big’ might affect drivers.

1. Acceleration and fuel economy suffer

According to this researcher, a key result of wheels and tyres getting larger and heavier is that acceleration and fuel economy suffer.

In the tests he carried out, he measured a 10% drop in fuel economy and a 4% degradation in 0-to-60-mph acceleration as he moved from 15-inch to 19-inch tyres.

2. Check manufacturer’s recommendations

Drivers are advised to not just add any old wheels and tyres to their car just because they look cool.  They should also check they conform to the car maker’s recommended specifications relating to size, load rating and speed rating.

3. Speak to your insurer

Before changing the size of your wheels, it might be a good idea to speak to your insurer.

They will need to assess whether the new tyre and wheel set have any impact on risk, such as theft of the wheels or theft of the vehicle itself, or the risk of adversely affecting the vehicle’s driving performance.

4. Improved reaction on turns

According to this tyre supplier, an increased rim diameter combined with a smaller tyre height will improve a car’s stability on corners.

It will also make it possible to accommodate larger car brake discs – an addition that should improve the effectiveness of a car’s braking system.

5. Higher probability of damage to the tyres and rims

However, when the tyre height is reduced, there is a greater likelihood of damage to the rim, or the tyre itself, when driving over potholes.

This factor is also said to result in a significant drop in tyre comfort.


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