Winter driving myths

Five winter driving myths de-bunked

As the nights draw in and the temperatures drop, we have to take more care on the roads.

But as we prepare ourselves for winter driving there are some myths that needing de-bunking.

1. Do not pour boiling water onto a frozen windscreen

Somewhere along the line a myth developed that it is a good idea to pour boiling hot water from the kettle onto a frozen windscreen to clear the ice.

This is definitely NOT a good idea and runs the risk of damaging your vehicle and even causing the screen to shatter in very cold conditions.

2. Don’t under-inflate your tyres in snowy conditions

It is commonly held that car drivers will get better traction on snowy roads if they let a bit of air out their tyres.

While this may be true in some conditions, driving around with your tyres under-inflated is not recommended. At some point the conditions may improve and you might find yourself with under-inflated tyres on a fast road where they might negatively impact your handling and have a greater risk of bursting.

3. Four wheel drive cars are not necessarily better in the winter

Four wheel drive cars are great if you are off-roading and making your way through very bad conditions.

But on a main road during your commute the difference is minimal.

4. Windscreen wipers won’t work by themselves in all conditions

In cold and snowy conditions, your wipers might not be able to do the job of clearing your windscreen by themselves.

Make sure you put additives into windscreen washer bottles, which prevent the water from freezing in sub-zero temperatures.

Also, allow more time in the morning to clear car windows and mirrors of snow and ice before setting off.

5. Don’t rely on modern technology to save you

Drivers should not assume that a modern car with all the latest technological enhancements will automatically save them if they start to skid or lose control in bad winter weather.

This is because slippery conditions will also affect ABS and ESC brake systems and make them less effective due to the lack of grip.


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