Balgores Motors is now approved by electric taxi manufacturer LEVC

We pride ourselves on ensuring our technicians keep pace with the latest advances in motoring technology. It’s an essential part of our service – if we are to carry out repairs on all modern vehicles, we need to be certified to do so.

LEVC – the London EV Company

Consequently we are delighted to announce that we are now approved by LEVC – the London EV Company – the leading global manufacturer and retailer of purpose-built electric taxis.

What’s more, we are proud to say Balgores is one of only two repairers nationally to be approved by LEVC, a truly impressive company that has taken the black cab, once synonymous with London, and turned it into a global icon sold in over 40 territories. Central to the LEVC cab’s unique offering is its use of the latest electric drivetrain technology and advanced materials. These enable it to meet the strictest emission standards applying in cities around world – the iconic black cab has gone green.

Benefits to customers

For the customer, this approval isn’t just another piece of paper to join all the other manufacturer approvals we have to our name. It means that your car will only be worked on by fully qualified technicians that have been trained to the manufacturer’s methodologies and standards.

In addition, our team will follow specified repair methods and fit only genuine manufacturer parts when repairing your vehicle, preserving your warranty. It also means you can rest assured that you are dealing with a professional firm that will only produce work of the highest quality.


To get in touch with Balgores Motor Group for accident repairs or mechanical services, contact one of our local branches or our head office on 01708 344122, email info@balgores.com





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