Does it make sense to own a second car?

Does it make sense to own a second car?

It would seem a lot more families own more than one car these days.

Figures from the most-recent census in 2011 showed that 7.5million households in England and Wales now have two or more cars or vans. Over the decade since the previous census in 2001 the number of two-car households rose 13.3 per cent to nearly 5.78million.

But does it make sense to own a second car? Here’s five reasons why it does.

Different journeys to work

The rising number of women who work is one factor behind the increase in two car households according to the RAC Foundation who collated the census figures. Over 2.5million more women have driving licences today than 15 years ago – it is a trend to be welcomed. Having a second car means partners and significant others in the family are in a much better position to find and travel to work.

One car for work, the other for pleasure

One reason some people own two cars is that they use them for different reasons. One car may be a standard ride that they use for getting to work and ferrying the family around. The other may be their own private indulgence, their personal treat – maybe a classic car that they use at weekends or on special occasions. Judging by the number of vintage and classic car shows and get-togethers there are each week around the country at this time of year a large number of people fall into this category.

Cars for courses

Households who own two cars may have different vehicles for different purposes. They may, for example, have a small, nippy car for travelling to work or into the centre of town and then a larger estate, people carrier or even camper van for weekend trips with the family.

In case of emergencies or as a back-up

Some families own a second car in case there is an emergency or if they need a stand-in at short notice. In the thankfully rare event that someone is stranded and needs picking up or if someone needs to get to hospital, and the first car isn’t available, a second car can be a huge help. If your first car is in for a service or being repaired over a weekend then, again, a second car comes into its own. In rural areas where public transport services are not very regular, an increasing number of people have second cars for these reasons.

For the kids

With the trend being towards children living at home longer, more families are getting second, and sometimes third cars, so their offspring can use them to get about. Even if their offspring are away studying or living in urban areas where cars aren’t always needed, a spare car at home means they can use it to get around when they visit.


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